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What’s in a Name?

The name “Quantum Analog” is a combination between quantum and analog. This was chosen because for one, its a geeky thing and that’s neat. But for two, in regards to philosophy it represents the fact that we are all individuals (quantum) but our futures and place are shaped by the rest of us (analog). As quanta, we can never see the full wave but are nevertheless guided by it. It’s also hard to see another quanta’s position if it is far enough away from yours but that doesn’t mean they still don’t play as important of a role in the wave (analog) as you do.

What Do We Do?

Investigate by asking pesky questions in peculiar ways! More seriously though, search for the truth by trying to look at the world with a thousand mile view in order to determine how everything fits together.

It helps to be cautiously critical of everything; assuming accepted scientific ideas are correct but reserving space for the rare instances where they are not. As a consequence, we like to focus on more “moonshot” ideas – the things that have the largest potential for great impact but aren’t necessarily being looked into for one reason or another.

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