Artificial Intelligence

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about AI lately and have laid some groundwork to do some testing of my own. The technology and the potential of it scares me more than anything else in the world at the moment but I think anyone that doesn’t invest in it will be left behind. 

The premise of my AI work is looking at artificial intelligence from the same page as evolution. Ultimately, evolution is messy and imprecise but overy time comes to a successful solution. Most of what we do is rather messy pattern recognition. See my blog post on coffee cups and AI. That said, to detect a pattern shouldn’t take millions of iterations and immense processing power.

Since this is currently the case, it suggests our algorithms we are using are woefully inneficient. To roughly detect a pattern from a set of variables should be relatively fast and to query a database (memory) shouldn’t take long either. You shouldn’t have to work millions of iterations to learn a pattern. The human mind can make an association in only several samples. 

That said, I’ll update this page with more on my thoughts and where I’m at as time permits…