Published Works

This page contains all my published works.

 A lot of people take the shortcut of equating credentials with ability to publish, think, and progress in a certain field and I can’t blame them. However I’d like to think that you don’t necessarily need credentials to publish in a field outside the one you’re trained in, you just need to put in the legwork to do your due diligence in research. I have no illusions, though, since I haven’t published anything outside my field that I won’t have difficulties. 

That said, as long as an individual follows the scientific method of inquiry which instills logical rigor, conclusions adhering to the preponderance of evidence, and safeguards against bias influencing their work, an individual should be able to publish knowledge gained in any field as long as that knowledge meaningfully contributes to that field, regardless of thwir certification (degree) in that field. However, I fully anticipate potential issues due to the human nature of science itself. I will just have to confront any hurdles as they come and will not try to dwell on anticipating them. 

Journal Papers:

Manipulation of subsurface carbon nanoparticles in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ using a scanning tunneling microscope

A. J. Stollenwerk, N. Hurley, B. Beck, K. Spurgeon, T. E. Kidd, and G. Gu

Phys. Rev. B 91, 125425

Universal Method for Creating Optically Active Nanostructures on Layered Materials

Timothy E. Kidd*, Aaron O’Shea, Benjamin Beck, Rui He, Conor Delaney, Paul M. Shand, Laura H. Strauss, Andrew Stollenwerk, Noah Hurley, Kyle Spurgeon, and Genda Gu

Langmuir, 2014, 30 (20), pp 5939-5945

DOI: 10.1021/la501013x

Observation of infrared-active modes in Raman scattering from topological insulator nanoplates

Rui He1, Zhenhua Wang2,3, Richard L J Qiu2, Conor Delaney1, Ben Beck1, T E Kidd1, C C Chancey1 and Xuan P A Gao2

Nanotechnology, Volume 23, Number 45

Metal–insulator transition in variably doped (Bi1−xSbx)2Se3 nanosheets

Chee Huei Lee,ab   Rui He,*c   ZhenHua Wang,ad   Richard L. J. Qiu,a   Ajay Kumar,b   Conor Delaney,c   Ben Beck,c   T. E. Kidd,c   C. C. Chancey,c   R. Mohan Sankaranb and   Xuan P. A. Gao*a

Nanoscale, 2013,5, 4337-4343

DOI: 10.1039/C3NR01155K