Ah, this is a complicated concept that most outside of sociology or psychology likely wouldn’t know. It somewhat best fits what I’m working on in this realm but doesn’t exactly fit either. It’s like the triangle in the square hole. You can kind of get it to jam in there; it still doesn’t fit but it’s a lot closer than the circle in the square hole.

I’m actually writing a book on an objective and empirical look at human behavior. I’m about 50 pages in but need to fill in a lot of gaps and explanations. I’ve got a very rough skeleton in there, but maybe with a limb or so missing. I guess the best way to explain it is that I’m taking an objective and empirical approach to the behaviors of humanity and trying to explain them in a way that the average person could understand, building up explanations from an evolutionary perspective. I’m asking questions such as “why are we racist?”, “why are we greedy?”, “why are we altruistic?”, “why does democracy work?”, “why do we form social groups?”, among other questions. I’ve delved into the our current understanding of these topics and have largely stayed their course but have deviated where I don’t think the current research is as empirical or objective as I think it should be. 

The crux of the work is that I recognized that we constantly debate these aspects of behavior in the political theatre but have a much more solid grasp of how they work in academia which suggests there is a great disconnect between our collective knowledge of human behavior and our conversation around it. Thats why I’m trying to write this book with as little jargon as possible and in a manner that largely anyone can understand. 

Really, what I’ve tried to do, is observe human nature holistically and from the outside: let me tell you, that’s incredibly difficult to do. It’s probably one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do intellectually. Being objective enough and non-judgmental enough to get a clear picture is hard. Very hard indeed. Of course, since I’m comfortable with math, I’m interspersing original formulas into the book where appropriate. I’ll update this more as the book progresses.