I’m quite interested in woodworking as a hobby. As you can see from the below images, I’ve made some beams for our cabin and have started doing some furniture. I have an indoor bench I made that I need to upload here too and will when I get time.

For an explanation of my images:

  1. The jig I used to mill my lumber. I have a 36″ bar for that chainsaw which allows me to mill all but the biggest trees around here.
  2. We needed several beams for our cabin and had a downed oak the power company cut so we gave it a new purpose. I calculated that we needed 10″ beams and we were able to get that.
  3. Another picture showing how massive this tree was.
  4. The beams, full length of about 24′.
  5. The cut beams up at the cabin, getting ready to be installed. We cut them down to 17′
  6. A flat cut showing what the little chainsaw mill can do.
  7. This is a planing jig using a router that I built. It works pretty well but I’ll likely keep tweaking the design.
  8. This was my first piece of finished furniture; a coat rack using railroad spikes. Its made from cherry. I liked how it turned out.
  9. We have more of these outdoor benches than I know what to do with. They are easy to make with the mill.

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